Why Use FoamShield™

FoamShield™ Vs Traditional Asbestos Removal Methods

Traditional methods of asbestos removal are timely, costly and use extensive resources. In addition current methods of removal impose safety risks to workers, the general public and the environment.

FoamShield™ is a 100% biodegradable foam containment system designed to remove asbestos safely and efficiently hence reducing project budgets and timelines.

  • FoamShield™ foam is distributed across all surfaces of the material.
  • Asbestos particles are prevented from becoming airborne.
  • Asbestos particle becomes thoroughly and adequately wetted.
  • The asbestos particle’s weight is increased.
  • The asbestos particle is caused to fall back onto the body of the material.
  • The wetted particles continue the entire journey without getting airborne.


Benefits of Removing Asbestos Using FoamShield™

  • Environmentally safe & biodegradable.
  • Eliminates the spread of asbestos fibres in the air, and run off.
  • Foam clings to vertical and overhead surfaces.
  • Foam is easy to see reducing the chance of missed areas or weak spots.
  • Clean up is much easier.
  • Good casting distances are obtained with foam.