Friable Asbestos Ceiling Removal

Safe Removal of Vermiculite Ceilings

Traditional methods for asbestos ceiling removal involve the encapsulation of the area requiring plastic containment, negative air units, generators, decontamination units, full face positive air masks etc.

Water would then be sprayed onto the ceiling and the asbestos removed with scrapers.  Water does not encapsulate fibres and may possibly flood the work area.

Even though the area has been contained and the outside public are safe from exposure, workers inside the containment are relying on negative air and personal protection equipment only.

With the use of FoamShield™, the asbestos hazard is isolated and the workers are protected. This is achieved by applying foam to the asbestos ceiling surface prior to removal to ensure all asbestos fibres are encapsulated.

 FoamShield™ Asbestos Ceiling Removal Method

friable asbestos ceiling removal brisbane, foamshield, misting of room


The work area is encapsulated. The area is then misted using the FoamShield™ fogger and product to ensure that any airborne asbestos particles become encapsulated.

friable asbestos ceiling removal brisbane, foaming of ceiling, foamshield


The area is prepared by laying down drop sheets, and the applicable PPE is worn. Using one of our foamers, the foam is applied to the friable asbestos ceiling. The foamer size used depends on the area the foam is being applied to.

friable asbestos ceiling removal brisbane, removing with metal scrapers, foamshield


Time is allowed for the foam to react to the asbestos ceiling and then the asbestos is removed with metal scrapers.

friable asbestos ceiling removal brisbane, clean up, foamshield


Upon removal of the asbestos, drop sheets encasing the foam and asbestos are removed and disposed of safely.

To see FoamShield™ being used for asbestos ceiling removal, please view our youtube video here.
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