How It Works

FoamShield™, the best proactive product

Traditionally, containment products and water are used to in an attempt to control airborne fibres after they have been generated.

When using FoamShield’s™ revolutionary products, particles collide with foam, become saturated and are encapsulated so they are not released into the air. The foam blanket becomes the containment and the need for excessive protection methods is reduced.

  • FoamShield™ foam is distributed across all surfaces of the material.
  • Asbestos particles are prevented from becoming airborne.
  • Asbestos particle becomes thoroughly and adequately wetted.
  • The asbestos particle’s weight is increased.
  • The asbestos particle is caused to fall back onto the body of the material.
  • The wetted particles continue the entire journey without getting airborne.

Ultimately, using the FoamShield™ products creates a safer work environment at a lower cost, allowing you to often underbid your competitors. Additionally, you are using a more environmentally sound and safer method.



FoamShield’s™ patented foam technology acts as both a wetting agent and fibre containment product.