Mastic Removal

Safer, Easier Method for Mastic Removal

Some mastic (commonly called “black jack”) consists of a heavy duty adhesive that has asbestos content. Able to survive heat or fire, mastic was an especially strong glue that could hold almost any surface together. Due to its adhesive properties, mastic can be difficult to remove.

The following FoamShield™ method will enable you to easily and safely remove mastic.

FoamShield™ Mastic Removal Method

mastic removal brisbane, spraying mastic, foamshield


After the tiles or sheeting have been removed, mastic remover is applied to the concrete surface liberally in preparation for the removal of the asbestos mastic. The mastic remover will soften the mastic allowing for easy removal. There is no need for encapsulation and dry floor grinding.

mastic removal, removing mastic using scrapers, foamshield


After allowing sufficient time for the mastic to react, the mastic is removed using scrapers.
This process is repeated if required.

mastic removal, sweeping mastic into absorbent for removal, foamshield


Using absorbent material and floor cleaning product, the mastic is swept into a pile and removed from the work area in asbestos bags.

mastic removal, clean area, foamshield


The finished product is an area where all mastic has been removed without the need for negative air encapsulation and dry floor grinding of the work area.

To see FoamShield™ being used for the removal of asbestos floor tiles and mastic removal, you can view our youtube video here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in relation to any queries you may have about mastic removal.