Testimonial – Robbie Bell, Director, Coffs Harbour Demolitions

“Since October 2013 we have been fortunate enough to have affiliated ourselves with Foam Shield Australia and the Foam Shield line of equipment and products.

David Hutchins and his team have time and time again proven themselves invaluable with their industry experience and product knowledge which has enabled us to undertake some of the most complex and high risk Asbestos Removal Projects along the Mid North Coast of NSW.

The Foam Shield line of equipment and products has not only proven to aid us in offering a superior removal technique but it has also given our most valuable assets, our staff, the confidence to undertake these particular Asbestos Removal and Abetment Works in some difficult and testing environments…” Read full testimonial here.


Testimonial – Adam Tucker, Occupational Hyygienist, Octief

“My thoughts on these products were that as used properly appear to be very effective at fibre suppression, to the degree that in my limited experience a friable removal provided air monitoring results not significantly above background inside the enclosure during removal.

Both products made the removal of a number of friable asbestos products simpler and safer when compared with the standard methods on the occasions I was witness to their use.” Read full testimonial here.


Testimonial – Peter Jensen, OHS Consultant, Raesen Consulting

“I have personally attended trials and tests undertaken within strictly controlled environments, which I believe have proven to be more than successful and acceptable in relation to fibre containment. Air monitoring results from these projects have confirmed zero or minimal release (single fibre) during various friable asbestos removal tasks.” Read full testimonial here.


Testimonial – Steve Brady, General Manager, Caylamax Demolitions

“From 2008 to today I have been responsible for the removal of asbestos products on site. Ignorance of the dangers of handling asbestos are less of a problem, however the cost associated with removing it has risen exponentially. Traditional methods of removing asbestos have not changed since it was first recognised as being a problem in the 1980’s.

Foam Shield is the first product/ methodology that has changed the removal process. This is particularly evident when removing vermiculite from ceilings or asbestos backed vinyl and vinyl tiles. Both require “A” Class removalists and procedures. They are heavily labour dependent making the removal expensive and often inefficient due to limitations of the methods used.” Read full testimonial here.


Testimonial – Justine Smith, Thunderbird Demolition

I delayed getting an A class asbestos licence for almost a decade because I had concerns about the removal concepts we would need to use. They went against everything I knew about risk management. The idea of making asbestos more dangerous as part of the removal process has never sat well with me, nor the use of PPE as the only line of defense, instead of the last….

The use of the foamshield products combined with David Hutchins and his staffs deployment of these products, combined with their care, training, supervision and attention to detail have fixed this. This is without a doubt the most exciting change I have ever seen in our industry.” Read full testimonial here.